27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Zillow, the leading real estate

“He looks like the guy who fixes my computer at the Apple Store. I’m thinking, ‘Here we go. This is gonna be fun.’ Then he took me for a ride, man. Despite months of public outreach and aggressive mosquito control measures, including the removal of cylinder shaped tropical plants that trap water where insects can breed, Florida health officials have continued to find Zika carrying mosquitoes in Miami Beach.Miami Beach tall buildings and ocean breezes make aerial spraying of naled there more difficult than in Wynwood, Petersen said.Many residents there have objected to the aerial spraying despite assurances from health officials that they are using concentrations of the chemical that are safe for humans.The city infection zone has expanded from just South Beach to a 4.5 square mile (12 square kilometer) area encompassing most of 7 mile long (11 kilometer long) island, Scott office announced late Friday.A plane contracted by Miami Dade County mosquito control officials sprayed naled over South Beach on Sunday. It was the city third aerial spraying. A fourth is scheduled Saturday.Of 85 non travel related Zika cases in Florida residents, 31 were associated with Wynwood and 36 with Miami Beach, Florida Department of Health spokeswoman Mara Gambineri said in an email Monday.

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