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Each material features its own price metals are relatively expensive. Although they metal racks are very pricey, they stay long. Familiarize yourself with cons and pros associated with each material. Access or attempt to access any other user’s account, or misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the Site, including misrepresentation as an Bright Hub agent or representative, or misrepresentation stating or implying our endorsement of you or your product or activity. However, by transmitting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting any Materials, you are granting Bright Hub and its affiliated companies and sublicensees a non exclusive, royalty free, compensation free, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable and fully sublicenseable license to use such Materials for any purpose at Bright Hub’s discretion, including without limitation incorporating such Materials into the site, and confirming that such Materials are non confidential and non proprietary. You hereby waive all rights to any claim against Bright Hub for any alleged or actual infringements of any proprietary rights, rights of privacy and publicity, moral rights, and rights of attribution in connection with such Materials..

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