What Are the Best Pool Toys for Kids?

477439513Growing up with a pool gives your kids the opportunity to enjoy time outside. A pool provides a place where your kids can stay active and use their imaginations to create new games. If you want your children to get the most out of the pool, invest in some of the following toys.

Beach Balls

Beach balls are the ideal pool accessories and they can keep kids entertained for hours. Inflate a few beach balls so they can play water volleyball, a friendly game of catch, or a unique game that they make up. These accessories are perfect for a few kids or for an entire party of children.

Diving Sticks

Once your children start to get more confident with their swimming abilities, you can buy some diving sticks that sit at the bottom of the pool. Make sure you are outside supervising the children whenever they use the sticks to be sure they dive safely.

A Kickboard

Kickboards help you teach your children how to be strong swimmers. Invest in a few kickboards that you can use in your own pool to show your children the importance of kicking while they swim. Once they become better swimmers, they can use the kickboards for some of their pool games.

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles give your kids the perfect way to float in the water, to flip over, and to relax in between swimming. Noodles do not take up as much room as rafts, so you can throw one into the water for each of your children.

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