Choosing the Right Safety System to Keep Unsupervised Kids Out of the Pool

166624831Too many children die each year in unsupervised pool accidents. If you want to protect your children from the dangers of falling into the pool, keep reading to figure out how to find the right safety system.


One of the most popular safety systems is to set up a strong barrier around the pool. A fence or a wall can prevent your children from getting near the pool when there are no adults nearby. If you choose to erect a barrier around the water, you should opt for a vertical fence with tight slats, a chain link fence, or a wall that is at least four feet tall. If you have a barrier and make an effort to keep it closed at all times, you can prevent a serious tragedy in your pool.


Another great way to keep the kids from falling into the water without adult supervision is to set up an alarm. You can find alarms for your doors, your gates, your windows, and even your pool. These alarms let adults know when the children have entered the pool area so they can join them outside before something terrible happens.

Pool Covers

Keeping the pool covered when you are not using it can also help you keep your children from falling into the water without anyone’s knowledge. These motorized barriers are easy to open and close so they will not hinder your ability to use your pool. When the children cannot reach the water, they cannot fall into the water. A pool cover can also keep debris out of your pool so you do not have to work as hard to clean it.

With the help of Blue Knight Pool Service, you can keep your pool clean and ready for use throughout the year. We offer weekly pool cleanings, pool repairs and part replacements, tile cleaning service, and water chemical services to help you maintain your pool and keep it safe for use. To learn more, call (520) 429-4696.

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