Choosing the Right Size Pump for Your Pool

176820963Owning a home with a pool adds value to your house and gives you more ways to enjoy spending time outside. If you want your swimming pool to be clean and safe to use, it is important to buy the right kind of pump. Use the following guide to figure out the best size pump to use for your pool:

Look at the Horsepower

Pumps that have more horsepower are able to clean a pool faster. In order to figure out what horsepower you need, you should determine the size of the pool. It is also important to factor in information about the head feet, which is a number that tells you how much distance lies between the suction lines and skimmers to the pump. If you can give these two figures to a pool equipment specialist, he or she can find you a pump with the right horsepower.

Consider Your Current Pump

If you already have a pump in your pool, you should think about how effectively it clears the water. If you think there is room for improvement, you might want to get a bigger pump. If it works efficiently, however, you can buy the same size pump to keep the water clear and ready for use.

Ask Your Pool Company

If you are not used to dealing with pool pumps, it can be difficult to determine what size pump will work the best for you. Talk to your pool service company about your pool and get their advice about what kind of pump you need.

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