Common Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

176820963Maintaining your pool this summer doesn’t need to be a mystery. Knowing the right—and wrong—way to care for your pool will prevent poor water quality and damage to your pool’s components. Talk to your Tucson pool service for additional tips or help to keep your pool looking its best.

Not Accommodating for Crowds

Even the occasional pool party can have an effect on your pool’s cleanliness and water quality. If you receive weekly pool service, let your technician know before you plan to hold a party so he can adjust the chemistry of your water to compensate. If you forget or hold an impromptu gathering, make sure to clean your filter the following day and let your pool service know so they can readjust your water during their next visit if necessary.

Not Running Your Pump

Your pool’s pump moves water through the filtration system to keep it clean. While many families try to save money on electricity by minimizing use of their pool pump, this can end up affecting your water quality and encouraging algae growth. Most pool services recommend running your pool pump for seven to eight hours each day during peak summer temperatures. If you’ve had a problem with algae and are trying to clear it up, you may need to run your pool pump full time until your water clears.

Not Testing pH Regularly

The pH of your pool’s water is constantly changing due to factors such as rain, sunscreen, sweat, and evaporation. Testing your pool’s pH just a few times per season isn’t sufficient to maintain healthy water. You should ideally test your pool’s pH once per week and make chemical adjustments based on your findings. Consider hiring a pool service to test pH and balance water chemistry if you don’t want to perform these tasks.

Would you like to learn more about maintaining your Tucson pool this summer? Contact Blue Knight Pool Services at (520) 429-4696 for personalized tips and pool maintenance services performed by our professionals. You can find more pool maintenance tips on our blog.

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