David was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker for 2008

Many people spend their holidays by travelling either in their own country or different countries. It became uncomplicated for you if you remember all those little details before leaving your home. Proper planning also helps you while you are on your trip and thought that everything is well planned.

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canada goose David Lee King is the Digital Services Director at Topeka Shawnee County Public Library, where he plans, implements, and experiments with emerging technology trends. He speaks internationally about emerging trends, website management, digital experience, and social media, and has been published in many library related journals. David was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker for 2008, and has published two books, Designing the Digital Experience, 2008, and his most recent title, face2face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections (CyberAge Books). canada goose

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