I do pray, but generally praying for me isn focused on asking

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cheap replica designer handbags online 151.940MHz FM is the MURS Prepper channel, known as MURS Channel 3. Multi Use Radio Service (MURS) is an unlicensed two way radio service similar to CB but on VHF FM. It is inwide use by preppers and survivalists. I do pray, but generally praying for me isn focused on asking for things/situations I want or at least not in the let thing X happen way. I believe that there is value in petitionary prayer but it not the most common form of prayer for me. I pray a lot for clarity to make the right decision; I pray for the dead; and I do a lot of is something that is heavy on my heart/mind type of praying not asking for an outcome, just kind of putting it before God and leaving it there.. cheap replica designer handbags online

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