I was completely enchanted and desperately envious

I see a good mixture of frequent customers and those who only come out for Midnight Madness. I love the music, the food, the activities. It’s a downtown, non exclusive party. These people work very hard trying to keep everyone vaccinated and sterilized so that kittens don’t occur. While you have them, please, do the right thing. Find them homes or take them to a shelter..

decorating tools Dalzell then decided to walk every block of Berkeley (he’s almost finished) and record his observations in a blog named Quirky Berkeley. He established a few ground rules. He wasn’t interested in Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations. Set pears on oiled wax paper to cool. Melt chocolate over medium low heat, stirring often to avoid burning. Dip cooled pears in chocolate cake decorations supplier, but do not completely cover caramel. decorating tools

plastic mould PINZ in Oakdale offers classic birthday parties in an updated, upscale environment. Mix and match your party by choosing between state of the art bowling or laser tag in a glow in the dark multi level arena with arcade game time in between. Birthday parties include invitations and thank you cards http://www.cq-mould.com/, 45 minutes in a private party room, two (one topping) pizzas, unlimited soft drinks, tableware, $5 Z Card for arcade play for each party guest and a balloon bouquet with a souvenir bowling pin. plastic mould

kitchenware For the pure fun of it on a warm summer wedding day, try the ultimate cool celebratory treat of ice cream from Rick’s Ice Cream cart, complete with a wide shade umbrella. If you plan a large wedding of 100 or more guests, Rick’s will take care of the set up, ice cream scooping and the clean up too. The only requirement is access to electricity. kitchenware

silicone mould Over the Christmas break between the guilt phase and the sentencing trial, while others went home to see family, Hurd woke up in the middle of the night. His tradition with Cynthia was to get up at midnight and exchange two gifts, then go back to bed. But now he was alone, having momentarily forgotten that his wife is gone. silicone mould

baking tools Went to the Octo Happy Hour fashion show and cocktail party at Estilo on Wednesday, escorted by the dashing Gabriel Jason Rodriguez, where bon vivant John Livingston introduced me to a woman named Neely who has a sister named Jennifer, astoundingly both named after characters in Valley of the Dolls. I was completely enchanted and desperately envious. The ultraglam Ralph Lauren party for the Long Center. baking tools

bakeware factory Over a century after its emergence and evolution, the Boardwalk still stands as a historic American symbol of good times and rich culture. Some may still believe that Atlantic City future rides on the roll of a dice. They just might want to take a stroll on that timeless Boardwalk to realize this city is going nowhere but up. bakeware factory

fondant tools A vintage wedding cake topper gets upcylced. Sound intriguing? From vintage to glam! Olson said, “I have done just that with the topper and selling in the shop. From a vintage faded, tattered and dirty silk flowers and leaves on the heart shaped arch replaced with a gathered white pearl and organza ribbon with faceted crystals tucked inside the folds fondant tools.

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