In it, he thanked them for the shaving soap and newspapers they

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canada goose store Get Scotland Now weekly updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailSitting on his haversack in a muddy trench in northern France, Private Donald Gunn MacKay lovingly penned a letter to his nearest and dearest back home in Edinburgh.In it, he thanked them for the shaving soap and newspapers they had sent to the front, complained about his swollen, aching feet and spoke of his hopes of getting leave.His letter made it back but Donald never did 17 days later, the 31 year old footballer was killed in action during the Battle of Arras one of the bloodiest offensives of World War I.The brave soldier was one of 18,000 Scots to lose their lives in the five week campaign, which had the highest concentration of Scottish troops fighting in a single battle during the Great War.Donald’s precious note has been cherished by his family for a century and, as the 100th anniversary of his death approaches, his niece Margery MacKay has decided to share it with the world.Princess Diana’s body armour to be displayed at Edinburgh CastleThe former civil servant said: “I find my uncle’s letter home very moving, not because of the content but because of how typical it must have been.”He, like thousands of others, was a young man, miles away from home, experiencing the horrors of war and not knowing if he would ever come back. His letter shows the great camaraderie there was between the men and how all they longed for was news of home and the dream that one day they would be reunited with friends and loved ones.”Dated April 11, 1917, Canada Goose Sale two days after the battle canada goose sale began, Donald writes: “Well I am glad to say I was lucky enough to come through, my platoon was pretty badly hit. We did seven days in the trenches and it was horrible weather.”I had a new pair of boots, the day before I went into Cheap Canada Goose the line and they gave me socks canada goose store.

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