Keeping Your Backyard Pool Environment Safe

GettyImages_166623417Your backyard pool is a wonderful way to enjoy time with family and friends. Keeping your pool environment safe will help to prevent pool-related accidents or injuries. If you have questions about maintaining your pool or your backyard for safety and comfort, contact your Tucson pool technician for more information.

Install and Maintain Pool Fencing

Pima County has specific pool and spa barrier requirements in place for safety purposes. These barriers are not only meant for your safety, but for the safety of any animals or people entering your property. If you own a backyard pool or spa, you must also install a fence or barrier to prevent accidental access to the pool. During the pool design process, you and your installer should plan for a pool barrier that meets these requirements, as well as your personal preferences and needs. Once your pool fencing is installed, it’s also important to maintain it to ensure it can perform its function properly.

Clean and Maintain Your Pool

Keeping your pool clean and maintained is a big step toward promoting a safe swimming environment. Test your pool water regularly and adjust its chemical content as necessary to prevent mold and algae growth and reduce hardness to prevent limescale buildup. Your pool should also be vacuumed and skimmed regularly to remove dirt and debris from the water. If your pool develops damage or a leak, have these issues repaired immediately; avoid using your pool until these repairs have been made. Many homeowners aren’t sure how to maintain their pool or don’t wish to do so on their own—if you’d rather not handle pool maintenance yourself, hire a pool service to regularly check and clean your pool for you.

The experienced pool technicians of Blue Knight Pool Services can help you care for your pool to ensure it is clean, healthy, and safe. We are pleased to offer general pool and chemical services, as well as pool cleaning and pool repair in Tucson. You can visit our website for additional information, or call (520) 429-4696 to schedule pool services.

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