Keeping the Pests Away from Your Backyard Pool

178503521Adding a swimming pool to your backyard enhances your exterior design and provides hours of entertainment for you and your family. Unfortunately, the crystal blue water also attracts pests like mosquitos and other bugs. Use the following tips to make sure these pests do not ruin your outdoor fun.

Use a Pool Cover

A pool cover is great investment for your outdoor area. Not only does it help you regulate the temperature of the water, but it also keeps pests and debris out of the pool. Buy a pool cover and use it whenever you are not using the pool so you can keep pests away, prevent unnecessary evaporation, and lower the cost of your monthly water bill.

Invest in a Bug Zapper

If you are having a lot of problems with flying pests, you can hang a lighted bug zapper close to the pool. The light inside attracts the bugs so they cannot bother you and your family as you enjoy your pool.

Maintain Your Pool

Pool service keeps your pool ready for swimming and it also helps you avoid problems with pests. Make sure your chlorine levels are in order. Chlorine keeps the water clean and it repels certain bugs. Be diligent about cleaning up landscaping debris near the pool so the pests do not have a place to feed. Use your pool skimmer to get rid of leaves that might attract other bugs.

Use Bug Spray

If you are going to spend a lot of time outside, you should use some bug spray to make yourself as unattractive to bugs as possible. Spray some after you get out of the pool to protect your skin from these pests.

With the help of Blue Knight Pool Service, you can keep your Tucson pool in top condition. We offer weekly pool services that help you keep your water clean and ready for use. To learn more about our services, call (520) 429-4696.

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