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Crime is yet another aspect of the problems aging populations are likely to experience and sometimes to cause. Elder abuse crimes that is, crimes against senior citizens or in which elders are victimized fall into four main categories: physical abuse, physical neglect by a caregiver, psychological (mental) abuse, and financial (fiduciary) abuse, including theft of such personal items as cash, investments, real property and jewelry belonging to an elder. Recent criminal activity among senior citizens has been attributed to such things as handling the hours of daily loneliness, novelty seeking, poverty, anxiety over the future, money having become important, financial stress, a lifelong habit, the early stages of dementia, topping up pension benefits, and fear of being put in a retirement home..

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You always do, you see what you really want to happen, but then you prepare for what the reality is, and what probably going to get to you, so you always have an idea, these two guys go before us, we going here. Or these two guys go, we go a different direction. Whatever it is.

“Surveillance” and “Radio On [Remix]” are of minor interest, but the third short, “Negative Space,” analyzes the theories of Manny Farber (whose collected essays on film, also titled Negative Space, were just reprinted this year). Farber, the most intrepid film critic ever to write in English, is interviewed by Petit. Unfortunately, the Farber interviews are a small part of the 40 minute film.

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Others also fared well under their tough love trainers, perhaps keenly aware that Loser never can be about the big talk, attitude, scheming and entitlement which infect so many reality shows. Instead, it only concerns demonstrable results: achieving the greatest proportionate weight loss to win a quarter million dollar prize. The scales and the math simply do not lie, and their numbers are what sets Loser’s contenders apart..

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