A Look at the Different Types of Pool Deck Materials

463387525A pool deck provides a flat, even surface around your pool for safety, convenience, and aesthetics. Although pool decks were once only made from poured concrete, today there are many options available, allowing you to completely customize the style of your pool deck. The ideal choice of material for your pool deck will depend on the style of your home and yard as well as your personal preferences.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is one of the most popular pool deck materials. Concrete is both a low-cost and versatile material that can be poured into any shape you desire. Additionally, concrete can be tinted, stamped, or finished in many other ways that add aesthetic appeal to your pool deck.

Pavers or Stone

Concrete pavers and natural stones allow you extensive artistic freedom when designing your pool deck. These materials are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Natural stone is a durable and eco-friendly material that lends your pool a more organic look. Stones can be laid either on concrete or on a bed of compacted aggregate.


Unglazed tiles are not only durable throughout a range of temperatures, but they lend a classical and luxurious look to your pool deck as well. Tiles may need special finishing to ensure they are not slippery when wet, but otherwise require very little care and will last for years.


Wood is one of most demanding pool deck materials in terms of maintenance and care, but it is also one of the most beautiful. You can choose from local or exotic woods and a variety of finishing options to create exactly the custom look you want for your pool deck. Like stone, wood offers an organic, natural look that can easily be integrated with landscaping.

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