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J Lo, US curvy cutie the multiple award winning US singer and actress; Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her curvy figure meaning that her bottom alone could almost be as famous her. So when she performed her latest No1 single “On the Floor” on “So you think you can dance” she shocked the nation in her jaw dropping skintight catsuit, leaving little to the imagination about her celebrity backside. J Lo keep being proud of those curves!

replica Purse Younger audiences are of course still being catered to its not all blood and gore. Angry Birds is a huge franchise that started out as a mobile game and struck a cord so much with its audience, it had sequels, cross overs, spinoffs and even an animated movie. Minecraft has taken off in a huge way too, Minecraft Steve has become a bit of an icon you can buy action figures, Lego sets based around Minecraft, and more importantly costume. We used to connect with mascots out of the desire to meet them. Gamers connect with icons today out of the desire to be them. You might not want to buy a Nathan Drake toy, but you might want to go to a convention dressed as him. While mascots and icons connect a player to a game, it’s how gamers show their fandom for them that differentiates them. replica Purse

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