What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

iStock_000002414883XSmall (2)Chlorine is an important aspect of your swimming pool cleaning routine. Without the right amount of chlorine, your pool will not be safe for use, but you also have to be careful not to use too much. Keep reading to learn more about finding the right chlorine for your needs:

Why Chlorine is Important

Chlorine is a chemical that’s commonly found around your home. It is used to kill bacteria and algae. When you put it into the pool, it works with other chemicals to make sure the bottom of the pool is clean and free from potentially dangerous bacteria.

How to Use It Safely

Pool water has a much higher concentration of chlorine than water that comes out of the faucet, which means that it is not safe to drink or to touch when it is not in the water. The air and swimmers might also contaminate the pool water. Household cleaners are only made up of about 2 percent chlorine. Bleach is made up of about 5 percent chlorine. The chemicals that you put into the pool have anywhere between 12 and 95 percent chlorine.

How It Can Affect You

Before the chlorine goes into the water, it can cause some damage to your skin and your respiratory system. They might lead to breathing problems and could burn your skin or your eyes. If you ingest it, it will burn your throat. The more that you are exposed to chlorine, the more dangerous it can be. You might want to leave your pool service in the hands of professionals so they can safely add the proper amount of chlorine to your pool so it is always ready for use.

With the help of Blue Knight Pool Service, you can keep the chemical level of your pool in check at all times. We also handle repair and replace broken parts as well as clean tiles to keep your pool in the best condition. To learn more about our pool services, visit us online or call (520) 429-4696.

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