Seemingly meaningless words but why? Why comment on it? I don

Please stop commenting on my food

moncler Moncler Outlet mens jackets There is no private place to moncler factory outlet really go to take a break. Usually I end up listening to podcasts and eating at my desk, if I remembered to bring something. I in a somewhat private office that I share with two others, but our department copier/printer is right in the middle of our room, which is bad enough, but it especially bad when I am eating. I find myself hiding my food and stopping when someone comes through because for some reason, everyone has to comment on the food I eating! Even if it something inane like “oh that smells good, now i hungry!” or so stupidly obvious like “Having a sandwich, huh?” Oh my god please just stop talking about my food!When I worked in New England, I had several vegetarian co workers (including the CEO) so I never got dumb/insulting comments about what I ate at work. Moved to TN, land of BBQ, and I stopped eating lunch at work because I constantly get the cheap moncler coats comments about how tofu is disgusting and how my co workers could never give up steak/burgers/ribs/etc. moncler mens jackets

cheap moncler sale Tried eating in the break room people would start interactions. cheap moncler sale

moncler sale Tried eating at my desk people would start interactions. I appreciate your response! Truly. That is moncler outlet sale interesting. I wonder how many things overlap social anxiety and introversion? Although if I sharing a meal with others I don mind if it an experience we are having. Talking about each other order choices or learning a new recipe is fantastic It just this one particular situation I find draining. Those inane comments that only serve to shallowly acknowledge my activity, and interrupt what cheap moncler jackets is cheap moncler a solitary experience (sitting alone at my desk during my break, not involved in a shared project). I don invite it so to constantly be posed with the need to acknowledge the observation of my food is hard to keep up. I not rude about it. I just nod and do a slight mm hmm and go back to my business at hand. I don invite the interaction. It what it there for. And I don mind talking to them if I am not in the middle of something. I don want to hear comments on my food is all. moncler sale

cheap moncler outlet For example. This morning when I was just arriving, I open my email, get things situated for the day, do the morning greetings with my office mates then they go back moncler outlet store to their area. While I reading emails, I take out my grapefruit and start to cut it. Office mate come through to go out of the room and says “you got breakfast huh?” And that it. Seemingly meaningless words but why? Why comment on it? I don normally eat breakfast at work, but I was running behind this morning and didn want to be late so I grabbed cheap moncler jackets sale the most portable thing I had. Why does it require a comment?It funny I understand how feel and have felt the same way, but these days when someone comments I feel fine turning it into a conversation. My assistant asked me what kind of Apple I was eating yesterday! Haha. I just told her pink lady they my favorite! Maybe she buy those next week bc she seemed intrigued. I love love love grapefruit btw, we always ate it drizzled in honey sliced in half and scooped out with a spoon growing up. My kids benefit from a good environment and atmosphere. Part of that comes from the energy and dynamic of the people in the room. I cheap moncler outlet give my kids a better day to day experience if I friendly with my assistant. That important to me. Kind of off the original topic but good morale is a big part of small business. I respect your view on how moncler outlet it an attempt at small talk. Especially from the same people that come in multiple times a day that can go about their business without coming over to my desk and calling my attention away just to comment on my food. It rude. It not like they are standing directly in front of me while at the copy machine, and I have a half barrier between me and the area where the machine is. I not exposed to the room. cheap moncler outlet

buy moncler jackets I do have real problems, though, like my husband is fighting a life threatening blood condition and is having a hard time dealing with the fact his physical health has declined rapidly in the past two years and I the only income supporting him and our two children. So I should focus on that all the time instead of the minor irritations that build up and when I seek out like minded people in a forum dedicated to like minded people, I remember that it petty and keep letting people comment on what I eating when I minding my own business. Or should I just stop being an introvert, that might be easier moncler outlet jackets buy moncler jackets.

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