Suffice it to say that all the countries

The Pet I Love

cheap moncler jackets sale My Hobie 16, the pet I own, does not exceed the love I have for my wife, daughter or dogs, but she has a special place in my life. She is the Hobie Cat, the toy to entertain, to keep me fit, moncler mens jackets to enjoy with my whole moncler sale family, even the dogs. Many a weekend spent camping at the dam, with the cheap moncler outlet family, has been a relaxation second to none, I also enjoy fishing and moncler outlet store this helps when the wind subsides. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet uk The Hobie Cat designer and creator, Hobart Alter, began with the surf board, and I believe it started in a garage in 1950. I was not born then, hell I don’t think my father was born then, but good on Hobart because today the Hobie is probably the best known catamaran in the world. Research tells me his sons continue the designs today and Hobart retired. Well good on him, his creations from surf boards moncler outlet online to catamarans have given thousands throughout the world pleasure and cheap moncler coats entertainment. moncler outlet uk

moncler sale The Hobie world championships, held all over the world, 19 times I think, highly publicised and televised have made this franchise a moncler sale outlet sought after catamaran. The worlds include championships for women, juniors, masters and grand masters indicating cheap moncler jackets the broad spectrum of sailors the Hobie attracts. The winners list show the diverse countries entering the regattas, from all the continents in the southern hemisphere to all in the northern. Some competitors must brave very cold conditions to practice their sport in the winter. Suffice it to say that all the countries, well known for their entry in the international Americas Cup, are well represented in the Hobie Worlds. moncler sale

cheap moncler coats As much as I would love to enter and compete in these regattas, work and golf keep me too busy, but when I was younger I partook in a few local races as crew for my father. These considered more fun than competition, never lacked the degree of serious rivalry experienced when sailing. The set up of the catamaran, precision of timing moncler Moncler Outlet outlet for the start and the jostling among the rivals for a good starting place, a hard fought battle, and the race had not yet even begun. My Dad, loved these buy moncler jackets competitions, his competitive spirit, contagious, and as a youngster my heart would monlcer down jackets pump harder with the excitement expressed by his cheap moncler sale body language. “Get ready Boy” he would always say “This is where the Men separated from the Boys.” We never won any of these regattas, but the excitement and fun, tremendous. I never cheap moncler ask him if we had become men or still remained boys, moncler outlet sale knowing him, the answer would probably have been “It’s not the winning that counts, but the finishing.” His way of convincing himself. cheap moncler coats

moncler sale outlet I intend to attempt to put these experiences down as articles, as a testimonial to my enjoyment of the sport, the lessons learnt and the camaraderie built by like minded sailors of the Hobie 16 moncler sale outlet.

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