Water Conservation Tips for Your Swimming Pool

79075442Just because you have a swimming pool does not mean you have to waste water. Use the following tips to help you conserve as much water as you can in your home swimming pool.

Cover the Pool

Whenever you do not use the pool, you should cover it to prevent unnecessary evaporation. In fact, the simple act of placing a cover over the pool can lower the evaporation by 30-50 percent. Be sure to cover your pool during the winter or if you go on a long vacation to keep the water from disappearing back into the atmosphere.

Get Regular Pool Service

Pool service is one of the most important aspects of conserving water in your pool. When the professionals come out regularly to check your pool, they can ensure that everything is working properly. This gives them the opportunity to check for leaks that could be wasting water. They can also clean the pool filters and perform other maintenance tasks that enable the pool to run as efficiently as possible. If you sign up for weekly pool service, you can optimize your conservation efforts.

Use Smart Landscaping

You can use your landscaping to conserve even more water in your pool. Make a windbreak out of a row or two of strong plants that keep the wind from blowing water out of the pool. The more water you can keep inside, the less water you have to use to fill it up so you can take a swim.

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