after the will has been read

In a panic, Micky/Do tells Julia about Serge’s attempt to blackmail her and she urges her to stay calm, as they can rectify the situation after the will has been read. Lying on her bed, Micky/Do wrestles with the conflicting information she has received over the past few days and seems uncertain whether to trust Julia or Serge. She also remains unclear whether she is Micky or Do and decides to make a recording and mails it just as Chance and Julia are opening Elinor’s documents.

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Officials said. Cheadle said more than 100 troops either took part in the search or were prepared to join it. Sent ground forces in to search, but Niger troops were actively looking for the soldier. First victory, Oct. 8 against the Giants in New Jersey, may not have changed the mindset but it had to improve the was about getting that first one, Hayward said. That first interception (which Hayward did in the fourth quarter) is the hardest one.

“Jauan did the same thing as well. He managed the offense today. The plays he got, he made the most out of them. A cop driving by teased the young crowd when he asked over the megaphone, it a school night? The kids rubbed their chins they hadn decided whether to declare themselves a holiday tomorrow or not. At the Little Owl saloon in Lake Worth: Cara Jennings, an incumbent and the highest ranking member of the Green Party to hold office in Florida, watched returns that showed she would hang on to her Lake Worth City Council seat. At the Hampton Inn in Deerfield Beach: Several Democratic groups had met to watch the news.

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