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canada goose outlet new york city Fawkes, ignorant are those who refuse to learn English. Please do not defend people who do not speak English in America. Fawkes, I’ve read your posts and I have read your replies and you are quite intelligent, just like I am. International standards call for the use of lethal force only as a means of last resort and only when officers are canada goose uk faced with an imminent threat of death or serious injury to themselves or others. When properly canada goose outlet store calgary understood, Tasers can and must be considered as potentially lethal, and Amnesty International is calling for national guidelines that restrict their use to only those instances when officers are similarly threatened. In Natasha McKenna’s case, Amnesty International found that Virginia is one of nine states that have no laws pertaining to the use of lethal force by law enforcement, while all 50 states and Washington DC fail to comply with international law and standards.. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose outlet sale Meanwhile, the average pathetic American 20 year old is still afraid of spiders and is stupidly drilling holes in their iPhone 7s, thinking that’s how you add a headphone jack. While Syrian teens are learning how to patch wounds, gather explosives and go hungry for 2 3 days at a time, American teens are masturbating to online porn while sexting their friends to arrange another ecstasy enhanced threesome before going to class the next day where the school allows them to cheat on all their tests in order to pass government mandated education exams written by cluless morons of the state. Language canada goose outlet black friday sale control and “progressivism” has turned the typical male into a metrosexual, transgendered lunatic aberration of nature just waiting to be removed from the gene pool by the forces of nature.. canada goose outlet sale

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