[39]To begin the 2008 season, her second with Andretti Green

According to a flight attendant friend, when you pay for a ticket, a portion of your fare actually goes into an escrow, and that portion in escrow is no freed up until you get onto the plane. This is how airlines can end up putting you on other carriers flights, because the money in the escrow is the money they receive for accepting you. It apparently not a majority of the fare that goes into the escrow, but it is significant enough where an airline with an open seat may as well fly the passenger and take it.

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Bathing Suits Petersburg and seventh at Kansas).[39] Patrick started the in eighth position. Foyt 225 which was overshadowed by a physical confrontation with Dan Wheldon;[41] the two reconciled after privately meeting with IndyCar president Brian Barnhart.[42] She took her then best career finish with a third at the Bombardier Learjet 550,[43] and improved on this result by clinching second at the season’s penultimate race, the Detroit Indy Grand Prix at Belle Isle Street Circuit.[44] Patrick closed off the year by coming eleventh at the season closing Peak Antifreeze Indy 300 at Chicagoland Speedway, to place seventh in the drivers’ standings with 424 points and eleven top ten finishes.[39]To begin the 2008 season, her second with Andretti Green Racing, Patrick scored her then best career Homestead finish of sixth. She followed that up with another top ten by scoring a tenth place finish at St. Bathing Suits

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