Choosing a Pool Cover for Your Backyard

476910705A large part of maintaining your pool is keeping it covered when it is not in use. Use the following tips to choose a cover that will help you keep your pool in the best condition throughout the year:

Mesh Pool Covers

If you have difficulty maneuvering a heavy pool cover, you might want to look for one that is made out of mesh. This lightweight material is easy to put on the pool when you want to cover it and to take off when you want to use it. Although they are light, they tend to last for about 10-15 years. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a mesh pool cover is the fact that rainwater moves right through it. This means that you do not have to pump it to get rid of excess water. The cover will still catch leaves and debris, though, so they stay out of your pool water. Mesh covers are often more affordable than solid covers.

Solid Pool Covers

Although mesh covers have a lot of advantages, they do sometimes let some sediment and sunshine find their way into the water. This could create a breeding ground for algae and bacteria, which will negatively affect the condition of the water. If you do not want to deal with these issues, you might want to get a solid pool cover that will block out all sunlight and debris. You will have to pump a solid cover to get rid of extra water, but it will offer extreme protection for the interior of your pool.

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