excessive smartphone use

Mostly the narrative is bullshit because it seeks to connect Flake congressional votes with Trump agenda. It basically says that he supports kids in cages, tear gassing families, banning all Muslims, building an expensive and pointless wall on the border next to where brown people live, racist rhetoric (not to say that Flake doesn support any policies that are often rooted in racism), etc. You want to call him a coward for not doing enough and folding the one time when the pressure was on him? Go ahead, I wouldn argue against that.

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If you are thinking of doing it anyway, do it instead of buying converter boxes. The equipment you will use for cable and satellite is unaffected by the change to digital in free, over the air, broadcasting. Whatever you do, do not buy converter boxes now if you are planning on getting cable or satellite in a few months or you will probably be buying new equipment again soon..

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