The internet doesn need all these walled gardens

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canada goose uk black friday But, how long these things are going to support the economies when the world economy itself is sitting on lockdown with huge debt with lower revenues which can lead to a slew of bankruptcies in the business world.It is estimated that the Debt to GDP ratio of G 7 countries increased to 117 by 2019 from 81 percent in 2007. In January Reuters, quoting Institution of International Finance reported that Global Debt is expected to hit an all time high of $257 trillion in the next few months.This gets translated into $32,500 for each of the 7.7 billion people on the planet which is roughly 3.2 times of the world’s annual economic output. However, for India IIF statistics reveal that by Q3 2019 Non Financial Corporates debt decreased to 44.2 from 45 of Q3 2018.Household Debt marginally went up to 11.50 in Q32019 from 11.20 in Q32018 canada goose uk black friday.

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