“It’s a shame we can’t play in front of our home

MORE RAIDERS NEWS: It has become one of the main reasons Canberra crowd attendances have jumped in recent years. The club averaged less than 10,000 people per home game in 2014 and 2015. That jumped to 12,183 in 2016 and is 14,477 every time the Raiders play in Canberra this year.

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canada goose uk outlet Like the acquitted cardinal’s road trip attire, being part of the flock these days for us, anyway, is a rather dishevelled affair. We’re not sure whether we’re coming or going, kneeling or sitting, feasting or fasting.When the idea of going to Mass is raised, generally on Thursday or Friday evening, we’ll grapple with visions of a sententious hour on a wooden bench in a freezing/sweltering country cathedral and, before the cock crows, cravenly declare “we’ll go next week”.Despite this ambivalence, we’re still raising the kids in our own image; they’re racking up sacraments like frequent flyer points, mispronouncing their haitches and rote learning a whole canon of bizarre ritual and prayer (I always thought it was “world with our tend” not “world without end”; the same way, for years, I was sure road signs at the top of vertiginous mountain routes said “steer decent” not “steep descent”.)Oh, and we love our little local Catholic school. In that regard, we’re truly blessed.Church can be edgy, too, especially when alcohol’s involved; the occupational hazard of being an open house of the Lord.It hums with genuine pastoral care, the children are cherished, their teachers are saints and at the sacred heart of it all is John 13:34, which tends to do the job nicely.Obviously, though, all those empty pews across the country on any given Sunday testify that just because plenty of families, like ours, are attending Catholic schools, they’re not backing it up with regular visits to church. canada goose uk outlet

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uk canada goose We’ve been ready to go for a few weeks, so we’re just keen to get out there.”It’s a shame we can’t play in front of our home crowd but if that’s what has to happen for us to get games, that’s what we’re going to have to do.Tom Green has been a standout through the junior ranks. Picture: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos”I’m just pumped, it’s not really a tough position to be in. I’m just really fortunate to have been given the opportunity. uk canada goose

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