Tips for Softening Your Pool Water

GettyImages_178806559Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals. Although hard water is not harmful to your health, it can cause irritation of the skin and result in buildup in your pool’s plumbing system and on its visible surfaces. Treating your pool water to soften it can help to eliminate the limescale deposits left by hard water for a more beautiful and comfortable swimming pool.

Determine Your Pool Water’s Hardness

Before you can treat your pool water for hardness, you need to know the hardness level of the water. Test your pool’s water weekly to determine the hardness level with a hardness test strip. Dip the end of the strip in the water and compare the results with the chart provided on the strip’s packaging. Pool water that is harder than 300 parts per million should be treated to soften it.

Add Fresh Water

In some cases, all it takes is adding a bit of fresh water to your pool to reduce the hardness levels. Drain a few inches of water from the pool and refill it with your garden hose. Turn on your pool’s pump to circulate the water for at least 10-12 hours, then test the hardness of the water once more. If your pool’s hardness is still too high, there are further steps you can take to soften the water.

Use Chemical Water Softener

Water-softening pool chemicals reduce the hardness of your pool’s water. To add water softener to your pool, fill a five-gallon bucket with 2.5 gallons of water from your pool. Add water softener to the bucket based on the size of your pool and the instructions on the packaging. Mix the water and chemicals together, then pour the contents of the bucket into your pool and run the pump. Re-test your water for hardness after 24 hours to determine if additional softener is needed.

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