What had she done? That pattern was almost as wide as the page

Words of Radiance

To be perfectly frank, what has happened these last two months is upon my head. The death, destruction, loss, and pain are my burden. I should have seen it coming. And I should have stopped it.Shallan pinched the thin charcoal pencil canada goose outlet phone number and drew a series of straight lines canada goose shop uk radiating from a sphere on the horizon. That sphere wasn’tquite the sun, nor was it one of the moons. Clouds outlined in charcoal seemed to stream toward it. And the sea beneath them. A drawing could not convey the bizarre nature of that ocean, made not of water but canada goose outlet online store review of small beads of translucent glass.Shallan shivered, remembering that place. Jasnah knew much more of it than she would speak of to her ward, and Shallan wasn’t certain how to ask. How did one demand answers after a betrayal such as Shallan’s? Only a few days had passed since that event, and Shallan still didn’t know exactly how her relationship with Jasnah would proceed.The deck rocked as the ship tacked, enormous sails fluttering overhead. Shallan was forced to grab the railing with her canada goose jacket outlet sale clothed safehand to steady herself. Captain Tozbek said that so far, the seas hadn’t been bad for this part of Longbrow’s Straits. However, she might have to go below if the waves and motion got much worse.Shallan exhaled and tried to relax as the ship settled. A chill wind blew, and windspren zipped past on invisible air currents. Every time the sea grew rough, Shallan remembered that day, that alien ocean of glass beads.She looked down again at what she’d drawn. She had only glimpsed that place, and her sketch was not perfect. It She frowned. On her paper, a pattern had risen, like an embossing. What had she done? That pattern was almost as wide as the page, a sequence of complex lines with sharp angles and repeated arrowhead shapes. Was it an effect of drawing that weird place, the place Jasnah said was named Shadesmar? Shallan hesitantly moved her canada goose outlet locations in toronto freehand canada goose outlet to feel the unnatural ridges on the page.The pattern moved, sliding across the page canada goose discount uk like an axehound pup canada goose outlet nyc under a bedsheet.Shallan yelped and leapt from her seat, dropping her sketchpad to the deck. canada goose outlet in new york The loose pages slumped to the planks, fluttering and then scattering in the wind. Nearby sailors Thaylen men with long white eyebrows they combed back over their ears scrambled to help, snatching sheets from the air before they could blow overboard.”You all canada goose outlet jackets right, young miss?” Tozbek asked, looking over from a conversation with one of his mates. The short, portly Tozbek wore a wide sash and a coat of gold and red matched by the cap on his canada goose outlet canada head. He wore his eyebrows up and stiffened into a fanned shape above his eyes.”I’m well, buy canada goose uk Captain,” Shallan said. “I was merely spooked.”Yalb stepped up to her, proffering the pages. “Your accouterments, my lady.”Shallan raised an eyebrow. “Accouterments?””Sure,” the young sailor said with a grin. “I’m practicing my fancy words. They help a fellow obtain reasonable feminine companionship. You know the kind of canada goose parka outlet young lady who doesn’t smell too bad an’ has at least a few teeth left.””Lovely,” canada goose sale uk Shallan said, taking the sheets back. “Well, depending on your definition of lovely, at least.” She suppressed further quips, suspiciously regarding the stack of pages in her hand. The picture she’d drawn of Shadesmar was on top, no longer bearing the strange embossed ridges.”What canada goose stockists uk happened?” Yalb said. “Did a cremling crawl out from under you or something?” As usual, he wore an open fronted vest and a pair of loose trousers.”It was nothing,” Shallan canada goose jacket outlet uk said softly, tucking the pages away into her satchel.Yalb gave her a little salute she had no idea canada goose outlet uk sale why he had taken canada goose outlet toronto factory to doing that and went back to tying rigging with the other sailors. She soon caught bursts of laughter from the men near him, and when she glanced at him, gloryspren danced around his head they took the shape of little spheres of light. He was canada goose outlet paypal apparently very proud of the jape he’d just made.She smiled. It was indeed fortunate that Tozbek had been delayed in Kharbranth. canada goose outlet hong kong She liked this crew, and was happy that Jasnah had selected them for their voyage. Shallan canada goose premium outlet sat back down on the box that Captain Tozbek had ordered lashed canada goose outlet price beside the railing so she could enjoy the sea as they sailed. She had to be wary of the spray, which wasn’t terribly good for canada goose outlet washington dc her sketches, but so long as the seas weren’t rough, the opportunity to watch the waters was worth the trouble.The scout atop the rigging let out a shout. Shallan squinted in https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca the direction he pointed. They were within sight of the distant mainland, sailing parallel to it. In canada goose outlet black friday sale fact, they’d docked at port last night to shelter from the highstorm that had blown past. When sailing, you always wanted to be near to port venturing into open seas when a highstorm could surprise you was suicidal.The smear of darkness to the north was canada goose outlet shop the Frostlands, a largely uninhabited area along the bottom edge of Roshar. Occasionally, she caught a glimpse of higher cliffs to the south. Thaylenah, the great island kingdom, made another canada goose outlet official barrier there. canada goose outlet uk The straits passed between the two.The lookout had spotted something in the waves just north of the ship, a bobbing shape that at first appeared to be a large log. No, it was much larger than that, and wider. Shallan stood, squinting, as it drew closer. It turned out to be a domed brown green shell, about the size of three rowboats lashed together. As they passed by, the shell came up alongside the ship and somehow managed to keep pace, sticking up out of the water perhaps six or eight feet.A santhid! Shallan leaned out over the rail, looking down as the sailors jabbered excitedly, several joining her in craning out to see the creature. Santhidyn were so reclusive that some of her books claimed they were extinct and all modern reports of them untrustworthy.”You are canada goose outlet eu good luck, young miss!” Yalb said to her with a canada goose outlet factory laugh as he passed by with canada goose outlet store uk rope. “We ain’t seen a santhid in years.””You still aren’t seeing one,” Shallan said. “Only the top of its shell.” To her disappointment, waters hid anything else save shadows of something in the depths that might have been long arms extending downward. Stories claimed the beasts would sometimes follow ships for days, waiting out in the sea as the vessel went into port, then following them again once the ship left.”The official canada goose outlet shell is all you ever see of one,” Yalb said. “Passions, this is a good sign!”Shallan clutched her satchel. She took a Memory of the creature down there beside the ship by closing her eyes, fixing the image of it in her head so she could draw it with precision.

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