At maturity, bulls may stand almost six feet tall at the

Other studies have reported similar significantly reduced life expectancy in popular musicians from the newer genres compared with matched general populations. Mortality rates were between two and three times higher for popular musicians than matched population data. The median ages of popular musician death in the two Bellis studies (links above) were 41.78 and 45.2 years respectively, which closely aligned with my findings..

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It is the tallest and heaviest of the cattle breeds. At maturity, bulls may stand almost six feet tall at the shoulder while steers (castrated males) reach 6 ft 7 inches. Bulls commonly exceed 3,500 pound in weight and cows 2,200 pound. Yesterday, I asked: “Is a house with a white picket fence and backyard still the American Dream?” I was shocked at how many people said it is not or offered a list of priorities that subordinated owning a home for other desires. On that note I’ve been thinking about a survey sponsored by PNC on the mindset of the twenty somethings with respect to debt and saving. That survey set the tune for this morning’s report.

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