Knowing possibilities helps me be prepared

Side Effects From My First Medication For CML 2003

canada goose black friday sale Greetings! I imagine if you have chosen this article to read either you buy canada goose uk or someone you know has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). This is canada goose outlet eu actually the first of three short articles describing canada goose outlet england the side effects canada goose outlet in canada I have canada goose outlet vancouver experienced from the canada goose outlet store uk three medications I have taken over my last 8 years with CML. Each article pertains to each drug. My first prescribed drug was Interferon, canada goose discount uk then Gleevec, and currently I take Sprycel. So this being article canada goose outlet mall one I’ll start with sharing my experience canada goose outlet uk fake with Interferon. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Each time I have started a new treatment I’ve been curious what others experienced. That canada goose uk information is not readily available. I of course read the label for side effects, but canada goose outlet ontario that to me was a bit overwhelming. I wanted to hear from someone. I decided I would put it out canada goose jacket uk there in cyber world for others. I hope this will help you. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Coats On Sale A most important fact to remember is that people react differently to drugs some have the same side effects and others will experience some side effects more intensely where other may not experience them at all. To me this is all about knowing the possibilities. Knowing possibilities helps me be prepared. Being prepared helps me cope better with canada goose outlet uk what ever may be coming down the pike! Canada Goose Coats On Sale

cheap canada goose uk When I first began taking medication for CML back in 2003, the standard therapy canada goose outlet black friday sale at that time canada goose premium outlet was canada goose outlet winnipeg Interferon injections, taken daily and taken subcutaneously. I remember that we started off with a low dose and would try after several weeks to increase the dose until we got to a goal dose. There were side effects canada goose factory outlet and one in particular hit me hard. I had read the “possible” side effects on the box, so I canada goose womens outlet thought I canada goose outlet authentic was prepared. Depression was listed as a side effect with a high occurrence rate. Well I didn’t think much of that at canada goose outlet los angeles the time I was sure I could handle this and I wouldn’t get depressed. So the first 6 weeks past and I was doing pretty well giving myself the daily injection, sleeping, eating okay, and still working in the ER as a staff nurse. Then at about the 6 week mark I was blind sided by this canada goose outlet michigan overwhelming sense of, “I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to work, I don’t want to canada goose outlet shop eat, don’t talk to me, canada goose outlet store toronto etc.” My three teenage daughters could not get me to do anything. All I did was sleep. Ridiculous hours of sleep. I called off work three days in a row and then “a light bulb went on.” I remembered the box and the side effect of depression. It canada goose jacket outlet uk hit me like a brick fast and canada goose shop uk hard. I then called my oncologist and told him my story over the last few days. Immediately we backed off on the dosage of the Interferon and I began an anti depressant immediately. It took about two weeks, but once the anti depressant was on board I was doing better, the depression was under control. It was probably after a couple months that the next side effect became very clear I was losing lots of hair and what hair I had left was becoming very brittle. I had canada goose outlet near me long hair at the time, but after a few weeks it was necessary to cut my hair to very short because it was so brittle. The last two side effects I remember taking a canada goose outlet london uk toll on me were anxiety and fatigue. The work load in the ER was just canada goose outlet legit to much for me to handle so I decided to transfer from the ER to canada goose outlet new york the Oncology floor. I had a lot to learn about cancer now, and I could relate to the people I would be taking care of. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats After ten months on the Interferon I was not improving. I remember the physician saying, “Kris, in the past at this point in treatment I would have to say canada goose outlet montreal we need to think about a bone marrow transplant. femme canada goose However, we have a new option! A new drug has just been approved by canada goose outlet parka the FDA a”wonder drug” has hit the market for CML. It is a class of drug called tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The generic name is Imatinib. The brand name is canada goose parka outlet Gleevec. Let’s give it a go!” canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket cheap Thank you for your interest. My next article in this series is canada goose jacket outlet “Side Effects From My Second Medication for CML 2004″, then “Side Effects From My Third Medication for CML 2007 Present” buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale Thanks and Good LuckHello Kris, Just wanted to ask a question. Does hypothermia kill cancer cells? If so would canada goose outlet seattle sitting canada goose outlet uk sale in an infrared sauna that can raise your body temperature canada goose outlet in uk to over 104 F help official canada goose outlet you with cancer? I had read that cancer cannot survive in heat. Do you know if this is true? Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket Thanks and Good LuckI enjoyed reading your article about your canada goose outlet edmonton brother, that’s one helluva canada goose kensington parka uk story! My sister in law is fighting cancer now and has written and published a book to help and guide all others going through canada goose outlet toronto factory it too. (half the proceeds to the cancer foundation) Let me know if it’s ok to put the link here. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose uk shop I enjoyed reading your article about your brother, that’s one helluva story! My sister in law is fighting cancer now and has written and published a book to help and guide all others going through it too. (half the proceeds to the cancer foundation) Let me know if it’s ok to put the link here canada goose uk shop.

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