Think of the trauma on the poor motormen and motorwomen

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relica birkin hermes We lost 23 Indians in the stampede. A couple of decades ago, the newspaper I was editing in Mumbai used to run a daily count of local commuters killed while crossing the tracks (rather than taking the overbridge). We did this to advertise the danger of this casual behaviour. The average was 10 deaths a day, a number that always struck me as being insane, and a number that did not significantly change as we kept reporting it. Western Railways did everything it could to try and stop Mumbaikars from killing themselves through unsafe behaviour, but it was running against a culture that was hard to break. Think of the trauma on the poor motormen and motorwomen driving those trains and observing the slaughter through their pane. relica birkin hermes

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hermes replica handbags A not so sober Jack successfully made his way to Cleveland, Ohio where Rebecca was about to kick off her five city tour in a last ditch attempt to fix his marriage. But any semblance of a resolution crashed and burned once Jack learned Ben unsuccessfully tried to kiss Rebecca, causing a massive fist fight between Rebecca’s two loves. “It’s over, Ben, it’s all over,” she told her ex beau minutes before they were supposed to take the stage. Instead, Rebecca drove Jack back home in what must have been the most uncomfortable two hour ride hermes replica handbags.

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