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Canada Goose Jackets By purchasing a subscription rather than making an investment, the business does canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose not fall under the Financial Services Board as an investment provider, so these tend to be unregulated.Andrew, a financial adviser and bitcoin investor based in Johannesburg, attended a presentation promoting bitcoin mining. For him, the presentation raised more concerns than answers.presentation was lacking in technical details and an upfront fee is required to invest, with a promise to pay additional amounts in respect of Cheap Canada Goose any person introduced to the scheme, as well as commissions, says Andrew, who adds that, when he tried to ask technical questions, the salespeople became irritated and were unable to answer them.concern is that any return for processing transactions is dependent on the capacity of the processors the cryptocurrency is being processed on. The astronomical returns they are projecting are not actually returns at all, but a function of a spike or bubble in the current bitcoin price.has already witnessed several severe price crashes in its short history and this does not provide the complete picture to the customer so that he or Canada Goose Outlet she can make an informed decision, says Andrew.If the bitcoin mining contract appears to be multilevel marketing, where you are paid returns for signing up new members, then you should ask questions about how returns are calculated is it based on the actual return from the mining itself? How can these returns be verified? Are the returns funded from the entrance of new members?If the answer to the last question is yes, this is a classic pyramid scheme structure.The Financial Services Board confirmed that it was looking into enquiries it had received from the public about bitcoin mining offerings, but that, because the business is not a licensed financial services provider, it does not fall under its jurisdiction.The problem with any of these schemes is that trying to prove their legitimacy is virtually impossible it cheap canada goose is all done on trust, word of mouth and just enough truth to make it sound viable.But you need to ask yourself if the investment makes sense and what the real risk is what if you lose all your money? There is no way to get it back Canada Goose Jackets.

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