Harry Potter this well known series has sort of dual nature in

9 24.Foreign Policy and the Ideology of Post ideology: The Case of Matteo Renzi’s Partito DemocraticoBrighi, E. 2016. Foreign Policy and the Ideology of Post ideology: The Case of Matteo Renzi’s Partito Democratico. While governments in Canada are focused on arresting the growth in housing prices to promote affordability, the unintended consequences of steeper than envisioned declines also merit consideration.Municipal and provincial revenues are tied to property taxes, and as housing values decline, property related tax revenues decline as well. The costs of delivering municipal services, however, continue to increase, often at a rate higher than the rate of inflation. However, a steep and sustained decline in housing prices will impact revenues of higher tiers of governments as well, limiting their abilities to offer adequate support to local governments.Their analysis of 91 cities in the United States revealed that since the Great Recession, which was marked by a collapse of housing markets, per capita revenues and spending remaine(d) below their pre recession levels in many of those cities.And even when local tax revenues rose, cuts in federal funding to local governments worsened the fiscal challenges faced at the municipal level.

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